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Graduate Credit – Lindenwood University

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Lindenwood University contact information

Jennifer Edler
Coordinator for Cooperative Credit
(636) 949-4612

Enrollment cost

$75 per credit hour (must be paid by credit card).

All courses this semester are 2 credit hours.

Enrollment deadline

December 1, 2018

Enrollment procedures

Students who desire to receive Lindenwood University graduate credit for approved workshop courses will utilize the following procedures:

  1. Visit, complete the Enrollment Form and pay the special tuition fee of $75* per credit hour with your credit card. (Tuition fees are non-refundable)
    *If a non Lindenwood person/persons are assisting Lindenwood University in facilitating the action plan (syllabus), additional fees may apply.
  1. Fully participate in workshop course activities.
  1. Complete the assignments and return by the deadline.
  1. Each graduate credit is earned by completing a minimum of 15 hours of workshop course activity and assignments.  The action plan (syllabus) will indicate the number of hours required to complete each assignment.  That number plus the total hours of break-out sessions will be combined to meet the minimum of 15 hours per credit.
  1. Instructors will utilize the standard A, B, C, or F grading system.
  1. Cooperative Credit can be earned at either approved workshop courses or conferences.
  1. Cooperative Credit workshop courses require written assignments to be submitted to the instructor or Cooperative Credit Program Coordinator.  (The instructor will then submit the grade report and graded assignments to the Cooperative Credit Coordinator).
  1. You can access an official grade report through the Lindenwood University student portal. Go to . Enter your username and password. The password is your birth month, birth day and last four of your social security number, but you can change this at any time. The term is SP WS 18. Go to My Grades on the left column under Administrative Services. Grade Type – select Final Grades.
  1. If you wish to request an official transcript, you can visit Lindenwood University’s website,
  1. Cooperative Credit hours are not eligible toward the total hours required in one term for student financial assistance. Students must take regular graduate level coursework for student financial assistance.
  1. Because of the substantially reduced tuition rate, the cost of the Cooperative Credit workshop courses must be paid online with a credit card.

Workshop Course numbers

Workshop Course Workshop Course Number
Using and Creating Infographics for Learning
EW 51406
Differentiated Instruction: Empowering All Learners
EW 51133
Digital Age Learning with iPads
EW 51145
Innovative Teacher Leaders in the Digital Age
EW 51134
Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the K12 Classroom with Design Thinking
EW 51132
Classroom Management and Community Building in the Digital Age
EW 51131

Payment information

Because of the substantially reduced tuition rate, the cost of the Cooperative Credit workshop courses must be paid online with a credit card.

Dropping a course

Send an email to Jennifer Edler at requesting a withdrawal from the workshop course. Be aware that Lindenwood University has a no refund policy.

For answers to questions about eLearning for Educators graduate credit, contact the eLearning Coordinator or call the eMINTS National Center at (573) 884-7202.