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Graduate Credit – CMU

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Central Methodist University contact information

Jerri Carter
College of Graduate and Extended Studies
(660) 248-6254

Enrollment cost

Pass/Fail: $75 per credit hour.

Graded: $250 per credit hour.

All courses this semester are 2 credit hours.

Enrollment deadline

One day prior to class starting (10/02/18)

Enrollment procedures

  1. Complete the enrollment form.
    • For Campus Location, select Online.
    • Leave CMU Student Number blank, unless you already have one.
    • For Academic Major, write Non-Degree-Seeking, unless you are enrolled in a program.
    • See the Course numbers section below for course numbers. All courses this semester are 2 credit hours.
  2. Send the completed enrollment form to

Course numbers

Courses are listed under their course number and name. For example, the pass/fail course number for Digital Citizenship is ED760 – Digital Citizenship. The graded course number is ED790 – Digital Citizenship.

Course Pass/Fail Course Numbers Graded Course Numbers
Digital Citizenship
ED760 ED790
Differentiated Instruction: Empowering All Learners
ED760 ED790
Online Tools for Digital Age Learning
ED760 ED790
Innovative Teacher Leaders in the Digital Age
ED760 ED790
Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the K12 Classroom with Design Thinking
ED760 ED790
Classroom Management and Community Building in the Digital Age
ED760 ED790

Payment information

Send all payments to Jerri Carter:

Jerri Carter
201 Brannock Hall
Central Methodist University
411 Central Methodist Square
Fayette, MO 65248

Checks should be made out to CMU.

Contact Jerri Carter at or (660) 248-6254 for more information if you would like to pay by credit. CMU accepts MasterCard and Visa.

Withdrawing from a course

If you wish to withdraw, contact Jerri Carter by email at For a full refund, you must withdraw from a course by the end of the first week of class. For a partial refund, you must withdraw before the halfway point of the 7-week course. You may withdraw from a course up to one week prior to the last day of class for no refund.

For answers to questions about eLearning for Educators graduate credit, contact the eLearning Coordinator or call the eMINTS National Center at (573) 884-7202.