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Help for First Steps participants

Access the e-Learning for Educators portal: http://campus.elearningmo.org

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  1. Read steps 1-7 under the “Is this your first time here?” heading
  2. Click the Create new account button
  3. Complete required fields
  4. An e-mail message will be sent to your registered e-mail address with instructions on how to complete the registration process


Enroll in First Steps modules

  1. Log in to http://campus.elearningmo.org
  2. In the Free Courses box on the right-hand side, click the text link to First Steps Provider Training
    Note: To access certificates for assessments taken before February 2012, click the text link Archived Fist Steps Provider Training located within the Free Courses box
  3. Click the text link to First Steps Module I: Orientation (New)
  4. You are now viewing the First Steps Module I: Orientation (New) course. Click the link Enroll me in this course, located within the Settings box (left-hand column)
  5. To enroll in additional First Steps modules, repeat steps 2-6 until you have enrolled in all necessary modules

Download step-by-step instructions (PDF 1 MB)

For more information about the online learning environment, contact elearning@missouri.edu or call the eMINTS National Center at (573) 884-7202.

For more information about First Steps modules and requirements contact sefirststeps@dese.mo.gov.