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Summer Semester 2019 Courses Announced

12 March 2019

In a few short weeks, winter will release its icy grip and eLearning’s 2019 Summer Semester won’t be far behind.  Registration opens May 1 and classes begin June 12. All courses are still only $99 each.

This semester’s offerings include 3 courses in our Digital Age Instructor Program. You can find more information about the program here.

Online Courses for Summer 2018

    • Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
      This course examines the role of behavior expectations, movement, development of routines, visual prompts, and the addition of technology in the early learning environment. Teachers will share resources and develop implementation plans as they advance their skills and meet other early educators.
    • Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the K-12 Classroom with Design Thinking
      Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator Program, this course gives teachers a structured way to support students in approaching real-world problems, to foster creative confidence, and to encourage ideation, while improving their communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills. Teachers will learn how to support their students in using the Design Thinking process to identify problems, research, analyze, prototype, and test their ideas to create solutions to relevant issues.
    • Innovative Teacher Leaders in the Digital Age
      Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator Program, this course will guide teachers in becoming digital leaders in their schools and in the educational community at large by learning about ISTE resources and standards, adult theories of learning and methods of building trusting relationships with peers, and by exploring Linked, professional educator organizations, and resources for educational technology trends.
    • Online Tools
      Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator program, this course will provide teachers with experience using online tools for collaboration, visual thinking, multimedia production, productivity and assessment at the higher levels of SAMR. Teachers will explore multiple tools in each category and be guided through a process of determining which tool best integrates technology into the learning environment in a powerful way.
    • Empowering Learners with PBL
      Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator Program, in this course teachers will learn about the essential elements of PBL, how to design student-centered PBL experiences, and how to use technology to enhance PBL. This course will also provide teachers the chance to connect PBL to content-area standards, to begin developing a meaningful PBL experience for their students and to foster a classroom culture that empowers students to take risks and to take an active role in learning.
    • Digital Citizenship
      Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator Program, this course will address cyberbullying, privacy, safety, and other digital dilemmas in today’s schools. Learn about rights, responsibilities and laws, Open Ed, strategies for implementing in your classroom, and more.

    Graduate credit is available through our partners: Central Methodist University (CMU) and Lindenwood University! Our facilitated eLearning courses are eligible for two graduate credit hours. Graduate credit is a separate fee and must be arranged with CMU or Lindenwood. For more information and instructions, visit, or email