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29 August 2018

Registration for eLearning for Educators’ Fall Semester is now open!

From now through September 4, get 10% off all Fall Semester course registrations with the code LDW.

This semester’s offerings include 3 courses in our Digital Age Instructor Program. You can find more information about the program here.

Online Courses for Fall 2018

    • Differentiated Instruction: Empowering Learners
      Part of the eMINTS Foundations series, this course transforms teachers into facilitators of guided learning by providing them with a structured framework and strategies from which to teach a diverse group of learners in a single classroom.
    • Classroom Management and Community Building in the Digital Age
      Part of the eMINTS Foundations series, this course will explore proactive strategies for managing a classroom, why kids choose the behaviors they do, and how to continuously work toward improving classroom management.
    • Going Visual: Using and Creating Infographics for Learning
      Part of the eMINTS Foundations series, this course provides an overview of types and sources of existing infographics, how to use infographics in your teaching for content delivery, how to design and build your own infographics, and how to follow best practices for infographic creation and information communication, all of which will be tied together by creating a plan for implementing the use of infographics in teaching.
    • Digital Age Learning with iPads
      Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator Program, this course covers practical methods for introducing and managing iPads in the class and using them to promote and enhance digital citizenship and safety, communicating with parents, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and assessment of learning.
    • Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the K-12 Classroom with Design Thinking
      Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator Program, this course gives K-12 teachers the tools to use the Design Thinking process to identify problems, research, analyze, prototype, and test their ideas to create solutions to relevant issues.
    • Innovative Teacher Leaders in the Digital Age Part of the eMINTS eLearning Digital-Age Educator Program, this course will guide teachers in becoming digital leaders in their schools and in the educational community at large by learning about ISTE resources and standards, adult theories of learning and methods of building trusting relationships with peers, and by exploring Linked, professional educator organizations, and resources for educational technology trends.

    Graduate credit is available through our partners: Central Methodist University (CMU) and Lindenwood University! Our facilitated eLearning courses are eligible for two graduate credit hours. Graduate credit is a separate fee and must be arranged with CMU or Lindenwood. For more information and instructions, visit, or email